Teak Wood For Reclaimed Furniture

Brico Bar Table

Teak is the most popular wood in Indonesia. In majority, people assume that teak wood is the best material for furniture.  Teak wood has particular and special characteristic, which making teak furniture widely enthused.

Since the best teak furniture is come from old and health tree, a long wait and special treatment of teak tree is required to obtain a good quality of teak wood. Teak tree is a long term investment, If you plant teak tree today, the best time to harvest is 20 years – 30 years later. No wonder that the price of teak furniture would be bouncing high among others furniture.

Technically, teak wood is the first class wood due to its strength and durability. Because of its character, teak wood is resistant with the attacks of termites as well. Therefore, old teak is often reclaimed into something more useful. For example the teak wood from old house structure is altered and given a new life as furniture.

Teak wood is such an excellent material, it’s strong and hard, but teak is easily cut and processed. Teak wood will last longer than other material, it can be used for many times and for different purpose. That is why teak is the most favored material for reclaimed furniture. With certain technical process, the texture and the growth ring of teak wood could be highlighted and generating the antique, rustic, and magnificence look for your reclaimed furniture.

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