Saving Our World With Reclaimed Furniture


The condition of our forest is getting worse day by day.  The illegal logging and combution of forest, are main causes of the destruction of the lungs of our world. Due to the high value of its wood, illegal logging usually occurred in the primary forest where the old and tall trees grow. In fact, the old trees are able to absorb more carbon emission from atmosphere than the sapling. Therefore the impact of deforestation would be very terrible for the longer term.

We should realize about that dangerous fact, which could jeopardy our world. It’s time for us to find a way to reduce both legal or illegal logging with utilizing used woodThe usage of scrap or used wood would alter valueless wood into something more valueable, such as furniture.

The furniture that made from used wood is often mention with reclaimed furnitureWith pouring some creativity into it, used wood would reincarnate into some useful and lovely furniture.

Reclaimed furniture is classified into some categories, such as reclaimed boat furniture or furniture that made of used wood which derived from sailor boat. Reclaimed teak root, is one of the furniture that quite popular in furniture industry that made from old teak root. Reclaimed teak branch is furniture that created from twigs and branches of teak tree. And Reclaimed teak furniture is alteration of used house wood (usually the traditional house from java or Joglo house) into furniture.

The point in using reclaimed furniture is one of our effort to use abandoned woods and reducing the consumption of new woods in order to prevent deforestation. This concept is called green furniture / eco friendly furniture.

You can adorn your entire house with reclaimed furniture, from little pieces of decoration and ornament, coffee table, living set, terrace set, book self, until big size furniture such as bed set and wardrobe.  With utilizing the reclaimed furniture, you can change the nuance of your home and touch it with a bit of rustic style. Do you wanna try?

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