Recycled Teak Furniture is A Beautiful and Natural Outdoor Furniture Material

Recycled Teak Furniture

Reclaimed or recycled teak furniture has been demanded in years not only because it is more affordable than the new one, but also justify the specific reasons from its buyers. Some folks are convenient to purchase recycled teak furniture to contribute positive attitudes toward mother earth. Some folks simply want to save some bucks. And some are even interested in the artistic and aesthetic value of the reclaimed furniture. No matter what your reason is, it is best to take your time to understand basics about it so that your next purchase will be more worthy and useful.

Tectona grandis or what we usually call as teak hardwood tree can be found in Southeast Asia and prominently Indonesia. Teak is considered as one of the strongest hardwoods on earth. It has high dense grain and exquisite texture. The natural oil produced in the timber makes the hardwood weather resistant, shrinkage-resistant, warping resistant, and swelling resistant. Any product made of teak is not easy to split, chip, or crack, thanks to its sturdiness and durability.

These characteristics make the teak furniture is highly demanded in the market. Normally, a good quality teak furniture can last for five decades with medium to poor treatment. But if treated well, you can see the teak furniture accompanying your house for almost a century. That means you can pass this from one generation to the next one. The good thing about the teak furniture is that you can maintain its value regardless it’s age. That’s the reason why the recycled teak furniture is still prevalent in nowadays’ market.

The recycled teak furniture is often used for outdoors. Furniture made of teak can be left outside your house without you need to worry about its maintenance. It can be just left outdoors for decades, and still appear firm and appealing.

With such extreme durability, the Indonesian ancestors used this wood as the main material of their sailing ships. The teak wood was very prevalent for maritime necessities at that time. Such extreme maritime environment like the rain, salt water, and high winds was handled easily by this wood.

That’s why manufacturers have adapted this into the outdoor and indoor teak furniture in Southeast Asia and Indonesia. The words have been spread around the world. Now, even the west has been bought with the advantages of the teak wood, allowing Indonesia Reclaimed Teak Furniture to expand their business internationally. So you won’t have to worry if you are living overseas. We are ready to ship the recycled teak furniture pieces to your residence. You just need to purchase our products online and wait for the products to come to your doorstep.

The recycled teak furniture ages in a beautiful manner. If left exposed to outside factors, it will turn to silver grey. Some recycled teak furniture pieces are silver grayish, while others have been revived to their original patina. Manufacturers infuse a little dose of teak oil to restore its appearance. Both forms are very stylish to be added for home decoration. However, the choice is completely up to yo

The beautiful recycled teak furniture is not only limited for indoor use. As mentioned, the characteristics of the teak are the winning factor why it is often used for outdoor furniture. It is also a common material for patios, garden, backyard, garage. The natural oil produced in the body of the teak is resistant to termites, bugs, wood rot, fungus, snow, as well as water. Although sun exposure can affect the appearance of the teak, it does not affect its performance in durability and sturdiness.

Pests like termites often give the homeowners headaches because they make their conventional wooden furniture cracked or chipped. But it won’t happen to your recycled teak furniture. Thanks to the natural resins produced by the teak, it promotes antibacterial properties which can deter all kinds of insect. Still thanks to the antibacterial properties, the fungus growth can be stopped naturally.

We also mentioned about the natural oils the teak produces. Thanks to it, your recycled teak furniture is layered by the natural cover which makes it anti-wood rot.

With such enormous features, there is no reason to burn the teak furniture down when it’s not used. Manufacturers will reclaim the pieces to be something new.

The recycled teak furniture pieces can be added to any space in your outdoor area. The tropical hardwood can withstand such large amounts of water. It thanks to the natural oil produced in the timber. This makes your recycled teak furniture is suitable for addition nearby your swimming pool. In some high-class hotels, you may notice that the owner adds the teak benches in the poolside. You can also have the same idea for your house.

The recycled teak furniture has such low percentage of moisture content. That explains why it is not easy to shrink or warp while contacted by the intrusive elements.

Thanks to its hardwood characteristics, you will not see any crack or splinter. The recycled teak furniture works well for both indoor and outdoor uses. In fact, it is more popular to be used for outdoor furniture. So if you want to add something sturdy and strong, yet aesthetic in your outdoor area, think no other than recycled teak furniture.

The recycled teak furniture is also a green option to purchase new teak furniture. The reclaimed furniture is not worse or whatsoever. Indonesia Reclaimed Teak Furniture carefully selects the high grades of the teak so that the manufacturer can utter the styles, designs, as well as functions maximally. We have ample gallery in which you will come across the recycled teak furniture that you really need for your space. Whether you are looking for the dining set, armchair, lounge chair, daybed, chaise lounge, or table for a backyard BBQ, we have everything you need. The options are almost endless. Adding the recycled teak furniture in your patio is a great decision for remaining green. It is a simple and easy task for you since you can’t go wrong with our recycled teak furniture pieces.

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