Recycle Wood from Boats Made Into Furniture

Mamuju Boat Wood Bar Set

When you browse items like recycle wood from boat furniture in the market, you’ll notice that their price are affordable. Despite the fact that these pieces are a reproduction, they are most prevalent for heavy uses, because they were used for the structuring boats.

So just like the other act of recycling, the recycled wood is made of used materials for creating new furniture pieces. Many love the idea of purchasing affordable wood furniture with ample versatility, plus the idea of making a greener world. That means there will be no cutting fresh wood, no depleting our mother resources. By purchasing the recycle wood from boat furniture you have contributed a lot to the greener world.

You might wonder why you must purchase the recycle wood from boat furniture. But before that, let’s see how it’s made first.

Why recycle wood from boat?

Some boats are not just repairable. Most sailors and seamen won’t take the risk to reuse some broken woods. And they would rather throw it away and look for new material for their boats. You know, the ocean can be cruel and has no tolerance.

Boat Wood Bistro Set
Boat Wood Bistro Set

But in the other side, recycling or reproducing the boat wood is a great option. Once the boat wood is no longer used, or too damaged to be used, there is a good opportunity to transform it into different types of furniture. The statistic shows that there are about 60 million of boat woods and nearly 2 billion wood pallets floating around in the US and Europe. And most of them are still recyclable. Some folks there just consider this as trash but there is a good business opportunity to repair, recycle, and reuse these woods.

It is a green way in the furniture industry. And we don’t have to explain why it is very beneficial for both manufacturers, carpenters, and the customers. It is a great way for business while we are supporting the green movement.

The recycle wood from boat production

The process of recycling wood involves professional works with sophisticated technology. It is a bit different from the past wherein folks reclaimed furniture the woods with many manpower. Thanks to the technology, now the reclaimed teak furniture process of the recycle wood from boat has been cut much shorter.

First things first, the manufacturer will take on the used woods, in this case, boat woods. This process is called as deconstructing process. This process will select the finest part of the wood by taking extra precautions to those specific parts. For instance, there are some used boats in the harbor. The sailors have no idea to get rid of them. The manufacturer will take on it. They will take apart the boat very carefully so that they can capitalize the large size of wood for the future project.

Boat Wood Tv Stand Set
Boat Wood Tv Stand Set

We are not only talking about the whole size of woods from the boat, but also its pallets. Most harbors will receive the product shipments on large wood pallets. After the products are shipped, the wood pallets are most likely abandoned. Here is where the recycle wood from boat ideas come. Since they do not have many uses for residence or commercial, the fine woods can still be reproduced to be something more awesome. Many shipping companies deliver their goods with the help of wood pallets and throw them out when in not use. It is a great chance to recycle these woods and make uses of the opportunity to create the recycle wood from boat furniture.

In most cases, recycle wood from boat furniture can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. Here we’d like to show some examples.

Living Room hardwood furniture

If you are looking something unique to add to your living room, but you want something which is affordable, then recycle wood from boat furniture is the solution for you. You can add these furniture pieces to your living room as the partial aspect of the room, focal point, or even the overall decoration. The point is that you won’t regret it to use it. The unique texture of the boat wood is a perfect addition to enhance your room’s style, value, as well as versatility.

Boat Wood Chair
Boat Wood Chair

While the plastic and metal furniture have their own disadvantages, you won’t have to worry anything about the recycle wood from boat. This will last for years and look like new if you treat it well. Not to mention that it is a “no-brainer” solution for your interior design. You don’t have to hire an expensive interior designer to decor your living room. The recycle wood from boat furniture can match just any style of the interior design.

The good thing about this kind of wood is that there is the number of pieces that you can choose for your home. You can also ask for customization from your provider. As we know, space can be your concern. You can’t rely on standardized sized furniture in the market. Instead, you will want to customize the furniture to fit your budget, preference, and necessity. With a large number of recycle wood from boat choices, your options are literally endless.

The Reclaimed wood furniture that you need

Wooden boats are mostly made of tough and hardwood. It is a good deal. There are some hardwoods such as teak, or oak, for the body of the boat. This strong and solid wood is perfect to create table, bench, chair, or other furniture for heavy use. Then there is sapele which is used for the boat’s decoration. And the manufacturer can transform it to be the decoration of your home.

We can’t neglect the fact that all these incredible furniture pieces are made of old boat wood. Several harbors and coast at Indonesia have provided the finest old boat wood which results in magnificent furniture pieces that will enhance your whole house.

Boat Wood Bench
Boat Wood Bench

The recycle wood from boat resembles the characteristics of the boat, which is strong, durable, and suitable for all seasons. It can work perfectly for indoor and outdoor use. The good thing about purchasing recycle wood from boat furniture from us is that you will attain such high valued products with much affordable price.

We bring the beauty in our reclaimed teak furniture pieces and give them a new look which can be suitable for your home, no matter what the theme is. Adding something to your garden or patio? You can rely on us too. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now and make your dream home.

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