No Wood Wasted

Hoola Wooden Wall Decor Triplet

In this world everything could be used if we could manage it wisely. One of materials in this world that could be used for many products is wood. We almost will always see wood in our life. It is could be made as wood furniture like wardrobe, tablechair etc and watch even as stairs. Wooden has many kinds in this world, some of them that could be made as solid wood furniture are teak, mahogany, rubber and tree. Most of them are grow in tropical country like Indonesia. Indonesian is well known as one of the best producer of furniture especially teak furniture both for teak indoor furniture or outdoor furniture like recycled teak furniture. Moreover, they are making solid wood furniture and everything from wood with legal wood

When the carpenter make furniture, some of them only use materials that the size suited for the furniture and will also produce waste wood. However, in Indonesia, we do something different. We always utilize all around us to make products including waste wood. We could make wall panel with high art from waste wood or reclaimed teak. Creating wall decoration is sometimes more difficult than wood furniture. It need more time and precision and color to create a good wall décor with high art and value. When you see art wall décor, you do not see waste wood. However you see an artwork with high value

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