Indonesia Furniture: Teak Wood Furniture

Katana Reclaimed Teak Wood Dining Set

Reviewing from a number of references about the origin of teak wood, according to some botanists, teak is a native species in Burma, which then spread to the Indian Peninsula, Thailand, Philippines, and Java. In Indonesia especially in Java is the best place to cultivate teak due to soil couture and the best climate. There are three kinds of teak wood known in Indonesia i.e. Gold Teak, Traditional Teak and Indonesian Forest Enterprises teak wood.

Gold Teak is genetically modified plantation with special characteristic softer and has larger pores. The age of cutting range start from 7 to 15 years which is much shorter than the Teak with a conventional planting system thus become one of the best considerations for business point of view.

Traditional teak is the original varieties in Java. This type of Teak Wood is like being allowed to grow just like that. Usually it’s grown on individual plantations along the Coast of Java Island with a suitable climate and moisture content. As a result the cutting period of this wood is longer than gold teak it’s taken 30 – 40 years. A lot of curvatures or crooked on the steam makes the selling price down.

Indonesian Forest Enterprises (PERHUTANI) teak wood has a good level of quality and standard quality is clear because PERHUTANI is directly involved from the nursery process until the process of logging with a well-structured Standard Operation.

From the short description above, we know that teak wood has three types which we should know and understand what type is suitable for our needs. In the furniture business scope when we offer solid wood furniture or rustic wood furniture this kind of knowledge is very important so we get the sense of balance between price and quality. Indonesia furniture entered in the category of specialist furniture industry which has skillful artisan with strong base knowledge of raw material characteristic. We are not offer cheap wooden furniture but we offer reasonable furniture. 

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