Furniture Trend for 2017

Chika Wooden Terrace Set

Industry and trend like two sides of a coin are inseparable and connecting each other. A furniture company with wood as the main raw material should begin to implement the strategy faces several trends that appear related to the environmental awareness which is increasing in some countries. Eco-friendly furniture is what the world looking for right now. Thus, marketers should be aware of the threats and opportunities associated with the trend in the natural environment such as; shortages of raw materials, rising energy costs, increased pollution levels, and the role of government has changed.

One of the steps taken is to provide products with abundant material on the market and use of waste or unused items into valuable merchandise. Have you ever heard about second hand wood furniture or recycle teak furniture?

Three things that can be a solution to provide wide range wooden furniture choice to the market, we talk about worldwide market here.

First. Utilization of waste materials.  Waste or residual material from production e.g. small wood fragments can be assembled into handicrafts or small items such as planter, compost bin, bird/animal boxes, candle holder, fork, spoon, photos frame, wall décor and still many more. For this part, creativity and imagination is the key.  

Second. Recycling the second hand wood. Utilize salvage materials building or house demolition and converted into a different form. Door, window, pillar, floor, roof and the other part are the component that we can exploit. Usually the material obtained with a size large enough to make garden benches, tables, chairs, trunks, worktops and others.

Third. Try looking for alternative material which never using before but still on frame appropriateness like death wood, drift wood, tea and coffee timber.

As a nut shell, abundant availability of materials, ease of manufacture and supported with the least possible risk can be found in Indonesia reclaimed teak. Come and see our new collection now!

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