Eco friendly furniture: Wisanka Rustic and Boat Wood Furniture!

Selvi Teak Wood Dining Chair

Environmental damage is becoming an issue in the world nowadays. One of the cuase of environmental damage is human activity. Both directly and indirectly activities of human, such as: illegal logging, industrial activity of companies that dispose waste carelessly, and  the emission of vehicles, cause pollution.

Among furniture companies recently known what is called as eco friendly furniture. It can be defined as the furniture which is used wood, rattan, and any other of renewable materials. Further more, some people say that the materials used is not only the one which determine whether a furniture belong into eco green furniture or not. The harmless finishing materials are determining also. Water based finishing materials are assumed to be less harmfull than the other finishing materials. The word harmless here refers to something does not endanger both nature and human being.

Besides, another definition of eco friendly furniture is all the furniture which is made from recycled materials both in part or whole parts of furniture. Along time ago the recycled materials were wasted by people. To help reducing the waste materials,  it is recycled and made into furniture. There are some well known furniture range which is using recycled materials, they are: reclaimed furniturerustic furniture, and boat wood furniture.

In Wisanka-Indonesia, Natural Rattan and Natural Fiber division, we have new released items. They are rustic and boat wood furniture. Both of them use recycled wood to be the materials. In rustic furniture the recycled wood are joined and assembled to be a furniture with unfinished or roughly finished. While boat wood furniture is furniture made by recycling the boat wood. Both of these furniture has natural look.

In the idea of helping the nature from envireonment damage, we proudly introduce our new released items: Rustic and Boat Wood Furniture!

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