Bring The Artistic Look Into Your Home with Reclaimed Furniture

Aksa Wooden Chair Set

The wood comodity is getting scarce nowdays, therefore wood can not be sold easily and ilegally.The regulation from government about wood trading is getting tighter as well. But, don’t be worry for you the wood furniture lover. There is remain another way to bring the artistic and magnificience of wood furniture into your home, by using waste wood and leftover. Many designers choose to use this waste to be altered into something more valuable, such as chairs, coffee table, wardrobe, etc.

The coffee table that is made from waste railway wood, would be impressive with natural color finish. This collection is waken us up that the beauty is not always come from new wood furniture with fine and smooth sanding, finishing, and paint. The waste from obsolate railway wood that fibrous and having many defects due to nail marks, is very much possible to be something ellegance, Luxurious, and being one of a kind stuff.

To give an industrial impression, reclaimed furniture is combined with other material, such as iron, aluminium, and pipe. In order to expose the uniqueness of the reclaimed woods, most designer would put  it  as the visible part of furniture, such as using as top table and combining with iron or pipe legs.

Reclaimed furniture can be made for variouse designs. That’s the reason why reclaimed wood furniture, is very suitable for all interior concept for your home, from industrial, modern, classic, palace, scandinavian, eclectic, contemporary, retro, and vintage. 

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