Bring Home Reclaimed Furniture and Be a Hero!


Indonesian forest has been getting smaller now. So do Russia, Brazil, etc. According to FAO in “State of the World’s Forests 2007”, Indonesian deforestation reaches 1.8 hectares per year. It’s getting smaller up to 1% per year. It is caused by some factors. Illegal logging, mining, and some natural disasters for instance.

People are starting aware about deforestation. Forest is the world’s lungs which produce oxygen. Beside, there are many advantages of forest, such as: absorb carbon dioxide, meet human need, the home for animals, etc. Years ago government campaigned “go green” to help the world. Recently, people campaign to reduce the consumption of products that use wood as its raw material, such as: tissue, paper, etc.

As we know, furniture is one of products using wood as its material. There are many materials which can used to make furniture indeed. They are wood, synthetic materials, iron, natural fiber, rattan, bamboo, copper, brass, etc. From the entire materials, wooden furniture is the most popular one. The use of wood as furniture materials adds the consumption of wood.

By the idea of reducing the consumption of wood, reclaimed furniture is made. The reclaimed wood used may be teak, boat wood, wood pallet, teak branch, etc. Many appealing designs are created. Some says that furnish home with reclaimed furniture able to make your home being a unique one. Moreover, you may help the world as well. So, just bring home reclaimed furniture and be a hero then!

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