6 Reasons to Use Outdoor Reclaimed Furniture in Your House

6 Reasons to Use Outdoor Reclaimed Furniture in Your House

There are various kinds of outdoor furniture we can choose for our patio. But, when we come to furniture stores, they mostly sell something new or luxury-looking furniture. If that is not what you look for, then you may try to consider outdoor reclaimed furniture.

Reclaimed furniture is quite different other regular ones you might have seen so far. It is an old product that is supposed to be discarded. But, instead of throwing it away as a garbage, we reuse it again and transform it into a new furniture. In other words, it is recycling.

If you have some old wooden furniture, do not dispose it right away. You can still make use of it as your material for making something new and unique. This surely can help you saving your budget to buy new furniture. Moreover, reclaiming your stuff will help the environment as well.

The old things used as reclaimed materials can come from anything made of wood. For example, you can reuse roof beam, window panel, door panel, etc. Despite of its old-fashioned style, it will still look great, particularly in your patio. What’s more, even interior designers love this kind of furniture.

There are several reasons why you must put outdoor reclaimed furniture into your consideration.

Environmentally Safe

RT017 Aria Reclaimed Table1
Aria Reclaimed Table

As we have mentioned before, reclaiming old furniture actually has a good impact toward the environment. You can still obtain top-quality and exotic materials without damaging the woods. In addition, this method also has a positive influence to the animals living in the forest. As most of us have learned, there have been a lot of animals losing their natural habitats due to illegal logging. Consequently, a number of species have to be protected, or otherwise, they will be extinct. If you care a lot about the Earth, then you can go with this furniture.

Better Strength and Stability

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Some of you might think that outdoor reclaimed furniture is very weak and can be broken anytime soon. Well, you may want to reconsider that thought again. Little did you know that wooden material that gets older has become fully seasoned. It means it has tendency to become stronger as well as more stable. Also, it is more dense than new woods, which makes it harder to process it into furniture. However, once it is done, you will have a resilient and robust finished product.

The One and Only Furniture

The unique part about reclaimed furniture is the old and rustic style. Such appearance is resulted by the effect of time. If you see it closely, you will realize how beautiful the color of the old look. It is hard to replicate the rustic look due to old nail holes, color, shade, and varieties of grain pattern. But, that is actually what makes it special. There can only be one reclaimed furniture with a certain old appearance. Besides the appearance, the design can also makes it to be the one and only furniture.

If you have carpentry ability, you can try to be creative in designing it. To illustrate it, suppose that you have several old chairs in different styles you do not use anymore. You can remove each back rest of the chair and then attach them to a large long old wood beam. As a result, you will have one bench with a number of different-style back rests. That is definitely one unique bench you can place at your patio. And, you will not be able to find the exact same one in any stores or houses.

Full of Personality

Choosing a furniture is not only for decorating our home. But, it also aims to let anyone know who we are. That’s why we cannot simply choose any furniture just like that since not all of them can personalize our home. But, that is not the case with reclaimed furniture. This type can bring plenty of personalities to your home. It will bring out the family atmosphere, which is perfect when you hold family events like barbecue or birthday party.

It Has a Little Story

There are some things we love so much that we cannot throw them away easily. As an example, let’s say that we have an old bookcase given to us by our dearest. It is certainly difficult to dispose it just like that. Instead of doing that, you can just rebuild it into a new furniture such as coffee table or stool. By that, you can still feel your old bookcase is still around you. And, you can have your nostalgic moment anytime you want. This surely sounds romantic, doesn’t it?

Competitive Price

If you do have some old wooden stuff that is no longer in use, you can reclaim it into some new furniture. If you have no skill to do that, then ask someone else who can do it. You can save your money that way for other purpose. Alternatively, you can buy it from a local furniture store. There are some stores that sell this kind of furniture. The best part is that they sell it in such a great price. In fact, it is a lot more affordable than new furniture. Worry about the quality? Do not feel that way. What you only need to do is to find one reputable store. Or, you can also try to search it in the Internet. You will find a number of online retails that sell reclaimed furniture. You can list them, compare them, and then pick one which you think to the best one.

So, what do you think about outdoor reclaimed furniture? Doesn’t it sound amazing? Reclaiming old furniture into a new one can let us to explore our creativity. You can rebuild something unique and different that cannot be found in anywhere else. What’s even better is that it is very cost effective and allows us to be eco-friendly. These are things you can only get from such furniture.

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